Workshop Video Mapping Guimaraes 2012


Rui Monteiro

Sergio Ferreira

Guimares 2011

During this workshop the participants learned about various mapping techniques as well as how to create specific content for a mapping set-up. The main objective of this workshop was to have groups of participants create content elements that can be used in their portfolios. This video is a mix of the content produced by the participants.

Teachers: Rui Monteiro, Sergio Ferreira Coordinator: Ricardo Lobo Public: General, Creators, Artists, Professionals Start: 25 February 2012 End: 26 February 2012 Venue: LCD / CAAA Participants : Antonio de Sousa Martins Barbara Cleto Clarissa Rodrigues Daniel M.Cosme Filipe Manuel da Costa Ribeiro Jorge Mota Marcio Paranhos Miguel Lima Nuno Castro Nuno Fernando Alves Freitas Nuno Filipe Esteves Videira Pedro Aires Marques Pedro Lima Rebeca Iglesias Lopez Rosa Andreia Neves Azevedo Teresa Abreu Vitor Lago Silva
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