New Feet for 5 Years a Minute

New feet

Jo Van Den Berghe

Annemie De Meulemeester

Jeroen D'Hoe


Concertgebouw Brugge - 2009 - 2011

An artistic research into groundbreaking spatial-temporal-experiences in the cross-discipline of architecture and music
Architect Jo Van Den Berghe and composer Jeroen D’hoe met each other in the artistic research project ‘New feet for 5 years a minute’ (Association of KULeuven in collaboration with the Concertgebouw Bruges). The synaesthesia between architecture and music challenges the boundaries of the disciplines and generates new architectural and musical composition possibilities that take the viewer into a whirling experience of space and sound. After thorough observations of each other’s disciplines, the researchers organized teaching sessions/workshops that directly led to creation sessions by the research team of ‘New feet for 5 years a minute’, in which Jo Van Den Berghe and Jeroen D’hoe (as research promoters) jointly created architectural-musical modules and compositions. Subsequently, they demonstrated and briefed their newly conceived modules and compositions to assistant researchers Annemie Demeulemeester (architect) and Frank Akino Beekman (artist).
April 2 – 2010 Supporting Act of Ryoji Ikeda
May 25 – 2011 Full Show On with public on stage
frank beekman artist curator concertgebouw brugge
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