Creative Code Visual Art Showcase

Kosen Solar is exalted to announce that Barren has been selected to be screened at The Creative Code Visual Art Showcase.

A video art exhibit hosting 50+ video artists from around the world. live a/v sets, experimental video art created with touch designer, max/msp and code. Hosted by Never Knows Better & Creative Code Art

To be featured amongst so many talented artists is truly humbling.

You can join the event in VR and Desktop on the 08/08/2020 and 15/08/2020

Never knows better

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Never knows better is a music & art event curation group sending their signal from NYC, Philly and New Jersey. Never Knows Better on Instagram

Creative code art

Community to share ideŠ°s, resources, tools and learn more. From experimental music to artificial neural networks generating artistic patterns. Stay up-to-date with the ongoing developments that define creativity in computational terms. Creative Code Art on Instagram